Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lost In Paris

                I landed in Paris, at first the smells and sounds were a little weird and foreign.  I had a pamphlet and hit the local tourist spots with my friends.  It was fun but then I read a book I found at a street corner stand.  The old man who sold it to me had 4 teeth. 

                After a couple of days I started to really get it the old spots in Paris.  I would wander through its old streets admiring the buildings and what not.  I loved Paris more than anything in the world.  It was an emotional relief being able to wander through the streets, sitting at the local hole in the walls eating my waffles, laughing at tourist.

                After I lived my emotional bliss I started to wander back to the touristy spots of Paris.  After doing this I realized how lame they were and how much I really wanted to go back to my street corner crepe shop.  But somehow, I could never find it.  It was lost forever.

Sunday, December 9, 2012

When The Stars Go Blue

I couldn't think what to do for my extra post so I decided to post this fantastic song.  Enjoy or dont, I dont really care :)

In My World


In my world,
The water is cold,
The wind is hard,
And the road never ends.

In my world,
There are no losers.
Only competitors
still on their way,
And spectators
waiting to be inspired.

In my world,
Victory is not weighed in gold,
But in determination and courage.

In my world,
There are no boundaries,
No limits,
There is no end.
Every day is the last day of my life,
And the first.

In my world,
The word "can't" does not exist,
And nothing is impossible.

by Olivier Blanchard


This poem makes me very jealous. I find this poem inspiring and I am jealous because I wish I could write like this. I wish I could write poems or stories or anything! And make it flow like this does, or half as make it inspiring as this is. Those are my jealous interest. I am also jealous of one of my friends because he drives a really nice car.

Monday, December 3, 2012

Pointless Thoughts About Blogs

I was thinking about doing my blog post and I realized I didn’t want to because I would have to get all sad. I started thinking, why did I have to get all sad? Then I realized why. To have a blog that people like and will read you have to make it depressing and sad, and we all want a blog that is liked, so we get sad! I think this is very very stupid. Why can’t I write a happy post and have it be liked? I know somebody did a post on this way back in the year but I don’t remember who it was so sorry, but not sorry because you are right! I don’t want to have to get all sad while I type my post. And that is the extent of my thoughts on this subject. The End.

My Schizophrenic Social Club

me: I hurt.  This is a good enough workout for today.

myself: no its not. You need to push harder.

me: I just need a little break. Maybe just a 5 second stop.

myself: do you want to be comfortable now or make state?

me: make state.

myself: then why are you even thinking of resting?

me: it won’t make that much of a difference right?

myself: how far off were you last year?

me: …. about .14 seconds.

myself: every second you rest makes a difference.

me: why are you always right?

myself: cause I know better than you do.

me: I hate you.

myself: you’ll love me when we take regions

me: meh… maybe